There are moments when you need to be encouraged & motivated to keep going in life and business. You love what you do, but when adversity after adversity challenges your ability to succeed, nagging thoughts can crowd your mind. You start to question: Why am I doing this? Will this ever work?” At times, you lose hope.

I also know that doing something without believing it's important, or as we call it "going through the motions", can be absolutely exhausting!

Getting up - going to work - waiting for Fridays - vacations or holidays, just to do the same thing all over again the following week without any fulfillment? (Yep, that counts as going through the motions.)

 You know there's more to life, you want it, but not sure how to attain it. You have these big-sized dreams, but can't (or won't) move. You feel stuck. 



Hi! My name is Lakia Robinson and my passion is helping others break down their big-sized dreams & turn them into bite-sized actionable steps, where they feel their goals are possible.  As a (big dreamer), doctoral candidate, first generation college student & online business owner--I know all too well what it feels like to be stuck. There are times when you've prayed about it, planned for it, but then it's time to take action! That's why I now encourage and motivate achievers and dreamchasers to keep moving along in life & business. 

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