I'm Lakia Robinson and my passion is helping others break down their big-sized dreams & turn them into bite-sized actionable steps to achieve their life & business goals.  As a doctoral candidate, author & business owner, I know all too well the commitment, time, energy & effort needed to achieve a huge dream.             >>>Learn more about me here.

There are moments when you need to be encouraged & motivated to keep going in life and business. You love what you do, but when adversity strikes, nagging thoughts can crowd your mind. You start to question: “Why am I doing this? Will this ever work? Do I have what it takes?”

At times, you may even lose hope for the things you were once passionate about.

You may find yourself getting up - going to work - waiting for Fridays - vacations or holidays, just to do the same thing all over again the following week without any fulfillment.  (Did I mention going through the motions can be absolutely exhausting?!)

 You know there's more to life, you want it, but not sure how to attain it. You have big-sized dreams, but feel like you can't (or won't) move.            You feel stuck. 

Be inspired, motivated & refreshed as you stop dreaming and start doing! (In business & life.) 

Be empowered & inspired to go after your dream. Watch content tailor made for the go-getter & action taker!

Don't go at your dream alone. Build your brand or business with purpose, on purpose with others just like you! 

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