You have a gift and/or talent that has the ability to change your life and the world...

…Some of you know it, but haven’t seen any movement, while others haven’t realized it just yet. 

Whatever you know to be true, I’m here to encourage and push you to believe it wholeheartedly. 

You see, I couldn’t believe it for myself at one point in time.

I was considered an at-risk youth, first generation college student, product of a single parent home– I had all the ingredients (one might say) for failure. There were many obstacles presented before me, but God knew the overall plan for my life.

Today, I am an author of two books, entrepreneur, TV host, producer & doctoral candidate and I am passionate about helping others in life and business.

Lakia Robinson, MBA, EdS


Hello everyone! I’m Lakia Robinson, and my passion is helping entrepreneurs, achievers & action-takers take their big-sized dreams and break it down into bite-sized actionable steps to achieve their goals. As a business and life strategist, I help you develop a “game plan” or strategy to achieve your business and life goals.

My goal is to focus on gaining clarity, but most importantly a plan of action that make dreams become a reality.


Here are a few fun facts about me:

Hey Aunt Viv! (Daphne Maxwell-Reid)

Hey Tim Reid & Salome! 

  • I love everything about Business, the Hispanic culture & Entrepreneurship
  • I am in LOVE with hosting on camera (Check out the intro to the show I hosted HERE (bridal show) and HERE (morning show)
  • My Macbook brought life, when I loss hope in all computers
  • I studied a la Escuela de Idiomas en Guanajuato Mexico! (I also got bite by a scorpion there- OUCH!)
  • Doxies make me all mushy inside (and I scream like crazy when I see them)
  • Pearls.  Bamboo.  Globes.  Clocks. Clouds. These. Make. Me. Happy.
  • I am a Lover of Entrepreneurship (especially all-things-digital)
  • I desire to see others succeed.  I want the underdoxie to win
  • I heart writing! My book, The Truth about Ugly Women, I Want Beauty Within, is being turned into a play. Get free chapters HERE
  • I've been blogging since 2009 - Check out some of my posts below:

My Professional Bio:

Lakia Robinson, MBA, EdS is an entrepreneur, author, educator and advocate who enjoys helping others break down their big sized dream. maximize their potential. As an Educational Specialist, she taught at Hampton University, collaborated with local government, churches, colleges and school systems to present workshops, seminars and retreats on education and self-esteem through her company, Unwrapped International. She is also a TV personality and has hosted TV programs and also co-starred on the TV show, The Second Act (on Cox 11).  

Lakia holds Bachelor of Art degrees in Business Administration and Spanish, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), an EdS in Educational Leadership, and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction at Liberty University.

Lakia resides in Hampton, Virginia with her husband, Charles T. Robinson Jr.