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Intentional Platform is an 8 week 100% online program for entrepreneurs 

who need to reignite their online brands into profitable businesses.

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Do You Have a Brand or Business but it Hasn't Been as Profitable as You'd Hope & Planned For?

...Then Step Into My Virtual Office!

Intentional Platform Is All About...

Giving entrepreneurs, who have been online for 2 year to 3 years, but haven't seen the results they want in their brands, the encouragement, no-fluff, guidance to reignite their brands to generate a profit. This course is designed to give you exactly what you need to reach your goals.

 This Program Is For Entrepreneurs Who... 

  • Already have an an online presence (brand or business) that have been working on for the past 2 years or more, but aren’t seeing the results you want?
  • Struggling to market your business online & get people to pay you what you want?
  • See others doing well with their marketing, but still asking yourself, “How are they doing that? I wish I could take my business to the next level!
  • Want to quit treating their online businesses like a hobby?
  • Are you selling (or want to sell) training products, digital courses, or coaching and consulting services online -- and want to sell more? 
  • Want to increase sales and profits?
  • Need clarity on proven marketing strategies?

About the Course Creator, Lakia Robinson

LAKIA is an entrepreneur, author, educator and advocate who enjoys helping others maximize their potential.  

As an entrepreneur & business consultant since 2008, Lakia has collaborated with local government, churches, colleges, school systems, small businesses & entrepreneurs to present workshops, seminars and retreats on entrepreneurship, business & social media.  She is also an Internet & Social Media Marketer for a well-known multi-million dollar company and assistant instructor at a certified Internet marketing school. Lakia assists a diverse group of  business owners in different industries, helping them to plan and execute effective marketing strategies to increase sales, online exposure and profits for their business.

Lakia has Bachelor of Art degrees in Business Administration & Spanish, a Masters in Business Administration & EdS in Educational Leadership.

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