by Lakia Robinson MBA, EdS

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From the Desk of Lakia Robinson MBA, EdS

Dear Aspiring  Author—

How many times have you said to yourself over the years, “I’m going to write a book”, “I’m going to finish my book this year”, but you still don’t have a book? Or, “I’ve written the book, just never published it”? It seemed like an awesome idea (still does) but something happened along the way.

When you sat down to write it, you realized it was more complicated than you anticipated. Life hit you, you had limited time (between family, work and social activities), or the deadly archenemy to writers, writer’s block stole your thoughts and words.

It seemed like achieving your ultimate goal of writing your first book would never become a reality.

Can I tell you, one of the main reasons people get stuck is because they lack three ingredients to help spice up their book-writing journey? I call it PAR.

Plan – what is the theme or concept of your book? It’s easy to dream something up, but it’s different when you sit down and write out a plan. Having a plan—writing down your intended audience, potential chapters, genre, and all the other components that come along with books, will increase your vision in achieving your goal.

Accountability—who is in your corner pushing you? One of the BEST ways to stay motivated is being around those who have the same mindset. With technology, social media, and niche writing organizations, there’s no barrier to your being apart of a community that can help push you.

Resources—how much time are you willing to invest? Many people fail to set aside specific days, times, words per day/week/month to guide them along the way. You must have a schedule and stick to it.


When you lack these ingredients (or an unequal balance), everything you do is subPAR—below average.

I don’t think anyone wants that. (At least I don’t want that for anyone!)

Here's what I know—

Publishing a book is hard. The process sucks and you can go from excited to frustrated to being overwhelmed to depressed in a matter of days or weeks. Often, you can become stuck, lose your creativity and “put your book to the side for a later time”, never to return.

Here's what else I know (the brighter side)—

Publishing a book that you’ve been writing for-ev-er, is probably one of the best feelings out there. It’s quite an accomplishment. To know that your content is finally printed and published for the world to read and share is priceless.

From someone who has experienced this priceless feeling twice, it’s something you want others to share as well one day.

With the proper structure and assistance along the way, you can have your first book outlined or published in less time than you think.

It is possible.

Don’t allow your book—your beautiful story, gift or experience that needs to be shared with the world—stay locked up inside of you, or on your computer. Someone needs to hear your message.

Are you ready to release your precious gifts?

Our time together, we work on:

  • Setting clear goals & strategies for your book (we have a brainstorming session).
  • A plan of action on how to reach your target audience.
  • Your book chapters outlined.
  • A clear strategy to finish your book.
  • As a bonus, I also help you write a marketing plan to help you after the book is completed.
  • As another added bonus, I help you structure your online platform (helping you gain visibility & exposure)

Who is Lakia Robinson?

Lakia Robinson MBA, EdS, helps first-time writers write and self publish their books. She has written two nonfiction books (and currently writing a fiction book to be released 2017). 

Having built her author platform using blogging, Lakia has experienced wonderful opportunities with her first-time and sophomore books. She has had her book selected as a high school book club read in North Carolina, featured as a college classroom’s curriculum and occupied the book shelves of a college library in Florida. Lakia was also interviewed about her book in a local magazine in Pennsylvania and also invited to a news channel community program in Ohio! From these experiences, Lakia coaches (aspiring authors) and helps to steer the path of their writing journey one-on-one.

Want to work together?

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I look forward to hearing from you,

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